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What’s the Best Action Camera? GoPro, By Far

GoPro, the Perfect Outdoor Activity Camera

GoPro’s have been ranked as the best action camera by tons of gear review websites. makes cases exclusively for it now.

Chances are you’ve seen the name GoPro around town. It has become ubiquitous in the action-sports photography and videography world, and there is a reason (in fact, there are a few) that GoPro is dominating this market. From research and development to application, these cute little cameras pack a big punch when it comes to capturing life on the go.

They are Lightweight.

The most immediate characteristic of GoPro cameras you will have probably noticed is their diminutive size and super light weight. This makes them ideal for packing (even for ultra-light backpackers) and storing. It also makes clipping or strapping them to your gear or clothes a breeze without the extra bulk and avoiding the common camera’s burden: feeling like a bonus appendage that can get caught on equipment, rocks, or trees or weigh you down in the water.

However, the hidden charm of these little media-capturing tools is the quality of their output. If you want to shoot close-up or POV images or video (including selfies) on the go, nothing beats these easy-to-use point-and-shoots. For the newer models–the HERO4 Silver, HERO4 Black, and Session–the image quality rivals many DSLRs, and video can be shot at up to 4k.

The only drawbacks of GoPro cameras include no zoom and no external light source, so they aren’t ideal for shooting in the dark or trying to capture images from afar, though they do have low-light settings and ISO control up to 6500, eliminating much of the latter issue. As for the former issue, GoPro cameras are meant to be used right in the action, so if you can’t capture your shot, you are probably doing it wrong.

In order to make sure you get the right shot, the best shot, and totally unique shots, GoPro offers a huge lineup of mounts, from wrist and head mounts to dog and instrument mounts. The company has made a huge effort to make mounts for every possible use of these cameras, including a suction cup car mount that can withstand speeds of over 150 MPH, several variations of the selfie stick (apparently using one isn’t lame as long as you are jumping off a cliff or fighting off sharks at the same time), and a number of straps and harnesses for attaching a camera to your head, leg, arm, wrist, ankle, or torso. Plus, they are waterproof, and you can get accessories to keep you from losing your camera if you drop it in the water and bonus tethers in case the intended mounting fails. They really do make an effort to ensure you are comfortable using their cameras in any environment.Given all of the benefits and the ease and flexibility of these powerful little cams, what more do you want? They already do most of what a DSLR can do without any of the bulk or other drawbacks of a more traditional digital camera. In this world of increasingly compact electronics, it just goes to show that it’s not the size of the package that matters, it’s how much processing capability it has.