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Keeping Film Photography Alive in the 2010s

Film is Back.

Film photography is making a comeback. It’s been long enough since digital cameras became mainstream that photo enthusiasts are starting to rediscover the joys of developing their own prints at home. There are a few approaches to this, and this article will look at the basics of what it takes to get started with film photography again.

Getting a Camera and Film:

The entry cost for film photography is actually surprisingly low, especially compared to buying a fancy new DSLR camera. What you will need is a film camera of some kind, and many analog SLR (single-lens reflex, the standard for pro photographers) cameras sell for as little as a few dollars on eBay. Thankfully film photography is still alive, but still not so popular that analog cameras are very expensive.

Then, you just need film, with the 35mm format being the standard for these cameras. Films …

What’s the Best Action Camera? GoPro, By Far

GoPro, the Perfect Outdoor Activity Camera

GoPro’s have been ranked as the best action camera by tons of gear review websites. makes cases exclusively for it now.

Chances are you’ve seen the name GoPro around town. It has become ubiquitous in the action-sports photography and videography world, and there is a reason (in fact, there are a few) that GoPro is dominating this market. From research and development to application, these cute little cameras pack a big punch when it comes to capturing life on the go.

They are Lightweight.

The most immediate characteristic of GoPro cameras you will have probably noticed is their diminutive size and super light weight. This makes them ideal for packing (even for ultra-light backpackers) and storing. It also makes clipping or strapping them to your gear or clothes a breeze without the extra bulk and avoiding the common camera’s burden: feeling like …